Friday, February 13, 2009


George W. Bush is coming to Canada where he should be fairly safe from arrest for war crimes. But why Canadians would want to hear his musing on his time in office is beyond me. Probably more of his bullshit and brain battering tortured rhetoric than anything of substance. Is this a trial balloon for building up the old coffers?

The event is being supported by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Ernst & Young, and various other business and professional bodies but most Canadians have been hostile towards the former president because of his decision to invade Iraq.
Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach was dismissive when reporters asked what he thought of Bush's upcoming visit. He’s a free man and can travel to any country he wants.
Is that so? Do you think he can travel with impunity to Germany or France or other countries that subscribe to the International Criminal Court? It will be an interesting exercise to watch Mr. Bush go off on a world speaking tour the likes of former President Bill Clinton.
The pressure is building in America to hold this man and his minions accountable for many of the atrocities associated with his time in office. This man has singularly dragged the name America into third world thug status. The unprecedented arrogance to think that he has something to say will only be heard by 1500 people and no media. Calgary Alberta by the way is a bastion of Canadian conservatism. I doubt he would even be allowed in Quebec.

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