Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ask your Doctor

These are just some of the prescription drugs that are advertised on CNN, probably other networks as well.. So let me see if I have this right, it is now up to the patient and uneducated to ask your Dr. If this product is right for you?
Regardless of the side effects that can range from shortness of breath dry mouth and vision impairment To an erection lasting four hours or more. You really need this product. It looks good, it is sexy and will relieve all your ailments. Allergies gone, asthma relief, bone loss reversed and the big one erectile dysfunction history. You will now be back in the lifestyle you wish.

I am not against drugs or drug companies. I am against this form of advertising. The same way that advertising of sugary breakfast cereals are directed at children. It should not be up to you to ask your Dr. Suppose the Dr. says no If you really like the product as advertised Just go Doctor shopping!


stevedouglas said...

Impotence equals confusion for most men. Instead of acting swiftly to address the issue, perceived social stigma results in a significant majority suffering in silence. No visit to the local Doctor especially if it's a woman! The only solution we are led to believe is chemicals such as Viagra. Although, tests now show that as many as 50% of users get no positive results. There are a plethora of alternative herbs/supplements on the internet, to-date only one of which has proven clinical trials. Butea Superba is a plant grown under Government supervision in the Far East and made widely available to men throughout Asia & recently available in the West in pill form under the brand name HealthyED. With a success rate in trials of over 80% of men achieving better erectile function it is obviously worth serious consideration. See for full details of trials.

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