Friday, February 6, 2009


It seems to me that there is open revolt in some areas of government. The Generals haven’t fully acknowledged who the boss is and intend to lobby against his position on Iraq withdrawal timeline. Generals Petraeous and Odierno are still trying to demand a military solution when a proper political position will win the day. These honorable warriors have the stars and bars and should be well aware of the chain of command. However the military and military industrial complex have been driving the ship of state for too damn long. A new Commander in Chief has demanded a course change and these two gentleman should salute smartly and say YES SIR.

Another inflated budget and ego surrounds the DEA. This group should understand that the will of the White House is that, DEA raids of medical marijuana outlets in states that allow it must stop. A White house spokesman has said the Presidents stance is that “federal resources should not be used to circumvent state laws”. Surely this agency has bigger fish to fry than medical outlets who are legal. There are tons of real shit drugs out there focus on that.

Burroughing Bushies in the dept of Justice are refusing to leave because there are just too many corrupt Democrats and bong selling Hippies out there who need to be prosecuted. With a new boss like Eric Holder these holed up holdouts will be reeducated and reassigned to someplace that really needs them and their partisan political agenda scrutinized.

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