Monday, February 23, 2009

Road Trip up the Gold Rush Trail

Gold was first found in British Columbia at Fort Langley on the Fraser River. That was all it took to lure the miners up from the fields in California and they came in droves from San Francisco north by boat to the Fraser. Their rewards were great not only on the Fraser but on the Thompson on the Similkameen and Tulamene and countless thousands of other creeks and rivers in this Province.
This past weekend Tango and I traveled from where gold was first discovered on the Fraser River, up past some of the richest strikes ever found. And something struck me as being vastly important and unsaid in my last post on the subject of the rush of 2010. Low water in winter is not unusual but the unusually low snow pack this winter will mean low water this summer. Time to go panning.
Last years floods moved a hell of a pile of gravel and now it will be up to you to sort through it. All these rivers renew themselves annually I did not see a lot of activity on these creeks and rivers but they do deserve some scrutiny this year. Low water just means you can get lower on the water always looking for bed rock. And the crack and crevices in it, as being natural traps for the heavies.
My last post dealt with potential for dealing with unemployment and need for cash and new business ventures, this post will tell you forget about the Fraser except for honing your skills for the gold is not as hard to find as getting past all the regulations from all the authorities on fish bearing rivers. But if you want to a road trip up some of the most beautiful real estate on the planet take a Drive up the Fraser Canyon to Cache Creek And take you gold pan with you.

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Annette said...

I would love to take one of those trips.. I so miss traveling.. My feet itch to be on the road again. That is something I miss so very much, the traveling. Seeing our beautiful country.