Sunday, February 8, 2009

All in the Name

The Obama White House needs to learn from the Republicans that you name bills so that opposing them sounds unpatriotic, Anti-American, or against working Americans. That is why we suggest the White House call the current "stimulus" legislation the "Main Street Job Creation Act." Let the Republicans vote against job creation for Main Street Americans. Once they do, you've already got a good set of campaign commercials for
By assisting those of us at the bottom of the heap this country can be rebuilt. We know how to get up and put in an honest day for an honest pay. The news of late reflects that the CEO and captains of Industry expect much more for much less honest efforts. If you allow your company to be driven into the ground you loose. Let the next bill be No Bail Out to a Loser’s Bonus.
The Help People for profits Act would stress that if corporate profits are to increase it will depend on the security of the work force. When Joe has his six pack he is a happy worker. And more inclined to work longer, harder and in tune with company needs. By giving him a Health Care system he can afford he is productive.
The Republicans have been very good at framing argument and staying on message with talking points but if that’s all they have, good luck This new administration has got way too much at stake to let shitty little tactics like that take center stage . Their day in the sun is over and they should seek the shade as they are getting burned. The Republican message has been met with failure and fact proves it. If you are not with us you are against America and helping the terrorists. {snark}
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