Sunday, February 15, 2009


This was a bumper sticker as far as I know. I don’t really advocate torture but I do advocate indictment Bush and Chaney should be joined at the hip for eternity and history as the Bonnie and Clyde of all time political malfeasance. Theirs was more than the simple bad of bank robbery theirs was the bad of looting the national treasury. Theirs were the lies leading to an unnecessary war resultant in death and disfiguration of thousands of the willing coalition and Americans forces who bought their bullshit. They being George and Dick and the PNAC proponents they are the ones responsible for the fall of Americas fortunes today in 2009 That former administration was a blight on all issues that were needful of the American people but they were a boon to all the corporate and crony profits that were their base, big oil and the military industrial complex.
This has now come to an end.
This past election was fought from the net roots up and that is a dynamic in play now, that was not even extant 8yrs ago. The roll of the internet in Barack Osama’s campaign and fund raising abilities was nothing short of amazing. The corporate media did pick up on him but according to each network bias they were not the ones responsible for his successful campaign. It was the bloggers and the you tube and the dialogue that happens with a free and open internet. Obamas financing came from this source and the small donations from the real coalition of the willing.
Now lets get back to that ex lame duck President and his vice President who shoots his lawyer and best friend in the face with a shotgun these two assholes thought they were just going to exit stage right when their gig was over. Oh NO NO . As George W Bush said when he stole the election in 2004 this is an accountability moment. YES an accountability moment.
There is now a new Attorney general who knows how to separate bullshit from buckwheat and he will be looking at you. The new President Obama may not want to look back for recrimination but millions of other people do, and your accountability moment is coming and soon..
There will be an “ I was Indicted” Certificate placed in the phone booth size Presidential library, George W is trying to raise funds for. Laura can duck tape it to the plastic window covering and then go shopping.
And now for the torture of Dick, might as well demand George come to this party as well. I suggest that we liquidate the two families entire net worth to CASH spending only a few bucks for party favors you know weenies’ marshmallows and beer. Then invite a few boy scouts and have a huge bonfire. When all the cash is gone burned like it was on Wall street and living under the overpass is looking like a new home for George and Dick perhaps a manager will give them an new job as Wallmart greeters and let them live out the rest of their lives in splendour. That would be good don’t you think?

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