Sunday, February 8, 2009


John Aravosis at
Has as long as I have been reading him always done Friday Orchid blogging. Very cool flowers and very original. I am going to plagiarize Johns concept and do TANGODADDY DOG BLOGGING I am certain John won’t mind I have not consulted with him but I know him to be a more than an average dog owner. He walks he talks and has a best friend in his new dog. And I am more than just a critic of men like John I am a retired dog catcher. How do you like that?
Dog catcher most often vilified, seldom accepted as a champion of all manner of canine and one in harmony with running and barking but I am. These critters if you let them will run your life and keep you honest. They have an innate ability to screw you up and make you humble. And when you listen you learn. An RCMP animal handler one time told me that it was good for the inside of a man to look after the outside of an animal.
So as you opened up on this site you saw “Tango” he is my best friend and do you believe that he and I have an interspecies non verbal communication? If you are an animal owner you do know that but we will talk more about it in the future.


Animal University said...

Thank you for your story about interspecies communication. For 14 years I have been teaching people how to communicate with dogs, cats, horses and more. Yes,I am an Animal Communicator and your comment about talking out loud, conversationally, is precisely what we humans should be doing with our animals. Yes, they do understand. No, you are not crazy for doing so. And, Congratulations for printing this so others may follow your lead.

jude cowell said...

Why yes, actually my cat says that you and Tango are great communicators together! ;p

Rachel & Jessica said...

Hi Gumpa! How are you doing? How's Tango? What have you been doing lately? Jessica and I finally got to check out your blog together! I think your blog is great.

Love, Rachel and Jessica

Tango daddy said...

Hi Rachel, Jessica happy Valentines day. Thanks for the compliment about the site most of this stuff is just gobledee gook but the picture of Tango is kind of cool.And Dog Blogging I might make as a weekly feature, not sure yet.
I have been at this reading and writing and working under the pressure of getting used to my new glasses makes things better but different. Such a nice surprise to find you out here this morning, have a real good day and come back often.. WE love you.
Tango and Gumpa

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