Thursday, March 26, 2009

On Marijuana His Answer was Correct The Question was Wrong

It won’t save the economy or stimulate it. But the social issue of harm reduction philosophy is something perhaps the President would explore. You weren’t blown off Green Machine your question just wasn’t framed in a way that would allow the President to come aboard.
How about this, Mr. President would you advocate the growing of hemp as a way to again establish a known valuable product line to the flagging agricultural sector? This product alone deserves to be put back in service as it has been removed for no good reason. That being said Sir Hemp can stimulate the economy. It can’t stimulate man.
From a social viewpoint the legalization of marijuana would eliminate the arrest of about eight hundred thousand Americans annually. It would eliminate the needless incarceration of hundreds of thousands of victimless crimes. Surely all sections of the legal community are overworked, police officers who are forced to deal with possession are not dealing with much more pressing police matters. The court system should not be wasting it’s time and public money on these prosecutions. Most importantly the stigma of arrest and criminal record would no longer impede the employment of otherwise normal hard working Americans. This green plant is not going to go away it is going to be an issue you, Sir are going to have to deal with it. Now get back to saving the economy and think about how you could spend very little and save whole lot more!! Making seventy million Americans happy at the same time.
WE can revisit this question at another town hall.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Every peon on the planet knows that you build everything from the bottom up. Except for the star of the movie “Bedtime for Bonzo”. Imagine Ronald Reagan as a College professor attempting to teach a chimp human morals, and solve the age old question of nurture vs. nature. Well shit if you can do this!!
This would obviously qualify Mr. Reagan to become President of the United States of America, and reinvent the concept of building by some trickling down theory, man this guy is good like a god. Not unlike his movie we all became his monkey. We the people were subjected to some very perverted economics, while those the very rich did very good.
Well that was then and this is now, the old order changes On Nov. 4th 2008 a new era in honesty came into existence. The sins of our fathers are behind us. But we will know what those sins are and follow them to the end of the rule of law, there is no choice. Or all else fails. It is also time to put to bed Republican Bonzo economics!!
The incoming President worked hard from the bottom up to the top The outgoing President was some kind of trickle down leftover from former failed administrations. This is now the time to BE BOLD, economically socially and politically. After sixty some odd days in office this man has attempted to save our working asses from the greed and failure of the past he has with good humor accepted the politics of no, and worked around it. He has taken charge and met with constant criticism. He has plans ideas solutions and can admit that he makes mistakes, in other words this man is human, unlike the last guy who talked with god. This man talks to the people.
Last night President Obama talked to the people, he was demeaned for using a teleprompter. Oh yes, that was for the portion of his speech where he had a specific message to give perfectly, he did that and then did something seldom seen in Washington he answered questions ad hoc for the world to see. Further fleshing out the complexities of his tasks at hand. The most pressing of which is to get the nation working again and see that every American has Cheney Health Care.
Do not accept the message seen on cable news networks; accept only the words you see from the man himself he speaks to us daily. And speaks truth to the masses, get his back help him from the bottom the net roots up. The old order of corporatism privilege and greed is not going away easily it will be politics as usual. We all know what his job is and that is be our President our job is to be his assistant. So let’s assist, and rebuild this baby from the bottom up!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Three Bright Spots

Rachel Maddow, Jonathan Turley, Keith Olberman these people are not distracted by the look over here AIG meltdown and airwaves consuming fiasco. No these folks are staying on message of malfeasance and torture, by the former administration.
When listening to Jonathan Turley You see just how simple the argument he makes is, it is not some complex legality figured out only by a Philadelphia lawyer, it is the simple rule of law. The memos are out there as are the admissions by Dick and George. They broke the law not just American law but International law as well.
As I have posted before on this site no more commissions, now is the time for a special prosecutor. Then and only then will the American people be satisfied that the rule of law works at all levels and confronts all crime. There was a very large portion of the population that during the former administration called for the impeachment of the President and Vice President this call was never met but was indeed warranted. Justice can never be served until it is confronted and charges laid and met. The people need to see these men get their day in court
Keith Olberman again is on topic discussing the revelations by Seymour Hersh of an assassination squad reporting directly to Dick Cheney. I know that these are unsubstantiated allegations by Mr. Hersh however he does seem to put out there a good deal of evidence as to who operated this command.
Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich has a suggestion that might get the ball rolling. Kucinich has asked New York Congressman Edolphus Towns, the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, to begin an immediate investigation into Hersh's allegations.
For the life of me I can’t see why all of the known, knowns and unknown unknowns shouldn’t be investigated by a special prosecutor, and soon!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Canadian Hypocrisy at its Finest

In a story found at Common
By George Galloway
The Canadian immigration minister Jason Kenney gazetted in the Sun yesterday morning that I was to be excluded from his country because of my views on Afghanistan. That's the way the rightwing, last-ditch dead-enders of Bushism in Ottawa conduct their business.
Because this five time elected official may wish to address the Canadian people on a subject divergent from the Harper Government party line he is barred from entry into Canada. I am certain that I do not stand alone when I state that it is time for the Canadian people to say goodbye to this man this party and their following of failed Republican principals and politicians.
George Galloway wanted to speak to the subject of Afghanistan and troops dying in a war we can not win. Many Canadians have issues with the way our government is prosecuting this military effort and what our final goals are. This mans opinion cannot be heard.
Now George W Bush on the other hand who was subject to a good deal of lobbying by Lawyers against the War, and because of his admitted use of torture does not conform to Canadian standards for entry, was allowed in. He wasn’t given a heroes welcome by the Canadian people only by the fifteen hundred oil barons in Calgary. The shoe throwing crowds outside said it all. They spoke for me.
To sum up my point, peace activists, not allowed war criminals welcome.
Hypocrisy blooms early this spring!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


The first day of spring my daughter demanded that we clean up the Tango and Daddy’s digs. Last June my wife of forty years died, we have all gone through the grieving process, and the remembering. We have come to grips with a new reality, but we hadn’t come to cleaning. Well now we have.
This past week has seen a flurry of activity to reclaim this place from us to me. My wife during her last few years got her daily exercise by touring all the local thrift stores and taking comfort in being able to clothe kids, grand kids, her and I with quality clothing and footwear for next to nothing. She could recognize quality from a distance so it was all good stuff and lots of it.
Back in January and after the party season gave way I invited all the family women to come one Sunday for Sushi and shopping Sake just made it a hoot. These ladies all have something in common and that is how to cherry pick the good gear and they did. Lots of this stuff was gone but most remained. This past few weeks darling daughter went through it all and labeled thirty industrial sized garbage bags.
I know that this same story has and is repeated widely throughout the country but it is a first for me. This booty was given over people who are trying their hardest to do harm reduction at the street level in Abbotsford BC a Bible belt community that does not support them. These people support a needle exchange program and attempts to help from the bottom up; they are not funded by anyone except a lawyer who has worked his entire career towards the philosophy of harm reduction.
Well the upshot of this post is spring has sprung; I have a very clean house. I have a brand new bigger blogger control center that used to be the lady’s bedroom and a future that can never forget her; I just didn’t need all that stuff to remember!

Monday, March 16, 2009


There is a new twist to “hands in the air you are under arrest“. In British Columbia Canada law enforcement by the RCMP has given way to by law enforcement. What the provincial court system cannot handle because of the sheer number of grow operations, has been given over to municipalities public safety inspectors for milking. The RCMP does not have the man power, the court system cannot handle the volume and there is just too much bad shit going on to have to deal with mom and pop grow ops. I believe it to be widely accepted that marijuana production in BC is more than significant. This province would be in the financial dumpster without it. It can not go away so bylaw enforcement teams are out there busting people with fines only, no criminal charges. These inspection teams are being fueled by BC hydro lists of people who display at the meter higher than average electrical consumption. A three or four man team arrives at your door and presents you with a notice that they will be back in 24 hrs to look for a possible public safety hazard. This public safety hazard is extremely ambiguous and based on excessive electrical consumption only
In they come and intrusiveness does not describe what they do here CSI step aside for these people do not deal in science, theirs is the art of intimidation a Police car in front of your house Inspectors all over your premise and the undisputable finding that you were growing marijuana in this house. They found a roach they found a leaf they found a hole in the ceiling or they found a hook that hangs lights they always find something as there job depends on it. You are given a copy of their finding, and the total punitive demands needed to remedy this public safety hazard. Purging of water system elimination of molds fungi, carpet and drapery cleaning and certification by a qualified electrician that this premise is safe to inhabit. All these demands are purely arbitrary and not based in science but based on the need to find you guilty and impose a FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR FINE.
What these fine civil servants are actually doing is showing the growers how to stay below the radar of being fingered by big brother BC Hydro and that if you are actually stealing power you probably won’t get caught. This is a cash cow this has become a revenue enhancement you could call it a shovel ready money maker for municipalities. I call it a super soft bust you don’t go to jail and you do learn how fascism grows in your own community. GUILTY WITHOUT BEING CHARGED OR HEARD IN A COURT OF LAW. Unpaid fines go on your taxes at the end of the year. One way or the other you will pay!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


The appropriate quote Mr. Cheney is “Shit Happen” and you Sir are full of it but down a quart.
Shit happens; never in the history of man has anyone more disingenuous than Dick Cheney ever come on the scene. If I didn’t know better I would think him posturing. His smirk while being interviewed by John King on CNN rivals Bush. After a long winded question about now being out of the picture, would he do or say anything different from how we will be greeted as liberators, and intelligence supports the fact that Saddam Hussein has nuclear weapons response. Well John I think we accomplished just about every thing we started out to do in Iraq.
This former Vice president has no credibility, none everything he ever said and did was wrong. Everything he ever said or did was calculated to further his power and that of the Military Industrial Complex. WE the people is not a Republican mantra it is not even a consideration. If you are not Republican why would you ever want to see this man in anything but a prison orange jumpsuit? Certainly not in prime time TV and not framing the future and commenting on the worth of the new Presidents policies and agenda. You sir are the biggest failure to ever hit politics. You Sir are not worth being interviewed anywhere except The Hague.
Why would John King do this kind of an ass kissing interview? Hey John he is not some kind of super hero, he is a WAR CRIMINAL a treasonous lying insidious human. This had better be his last public position, no more politics; he indicated he might put something in his book about his words with George on the subject of pardon for Scooter Libby. Well holy shit will that be the truth? A book oh yes now the truth will be told about his forty years in politics Let me suggest a title for it.
“Every thing I am never going to tell you”

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Harm Reduction and The Noble Herb.

It is ironic that governments around the world have tried in vain to suppress this noble herb. It is just a green plant and because of its possession you are guilty of a criminal offence. Now how stupid is that? This plant has been used for five thousand years but in the nineteen thirties was made a controlled substance. Now the fun begins busting people for simply possessing this plant. According to Allen St. Pierre, executive director of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), over 8 million Americans have been arrested on marijuana charges during the past decade, while arrests for cocaine and heroine have declined sharply.
Now just in this past week alone two states Oregon and California are bringing forth legislation to legalize and tax this product, as a method to stem the financial crisis in these states. California is proposing $98.00 an ounce tax while Oregon is proposing a tax of $50.00 an ounce. No matter how you cut the mustard that amounts to a huge cash cow, a huge influx into the public resources.
The greatest benefit however comes in the social form, escape from criminal arrest, prosecution and incarceration. This saving alone is more important than revenue enhancement. The Noble herbs time has come No longer is DEA and every police dept freed up from having to deal with this issue and will be able to spend their time at much more pressing problems the seventy million people who recreationally use this plant are relieved of a stigma associated with dope. This could be a win win situation lets see where it goes lets hear the arguments.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

At least Al Franken has been able to keep his humor

The Coleman vs. Franken debacle may soon draw down. Al Franken has kept his humor against the enormous machine of Republican dirty tricks. Talk about gaming the system. The legal costs alone to perpetuate the allusion of Norm winning are mind boggling but if the Republicans have one thing it is money and their ability to raise it. The fact that Norm holds on in the face of farce is that he has been told to do it and the Republicans do reward their own. GOOD NEW JOB FOR NORM.
Coleman's supporters on the national level have been more concerned with counting votes in the U.S. Senate than with counting absentee ballots in Minnesota, and that concern shows up in Coleman‘s legal arguments.
Something I could never quite get behind is the gaming of the court system. I can’t quite afford the legal fees but to Republicans legal fees and financing them, come before food in the budget, and how business is done. “If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance baffle them with your bullshit and throw in a lawyer, or in Norms case the ex Presidents lawyer.
When this finally comes to an end a new election, for which Coleman is increasingly angling, would cost $3.5-5 million. No do over please. This whole episode has just been a scam, but does prove the need for serious election reform.
So to sum up this incredibly conflicted voting process Norm Coleman who didn’t want a re election back in November now wants one. The Franken camp will rest its case tomorrow, and there is either a light at the end of the tunnel or a freight train coming. But one way or the other Al Franken still has his humor!

Monday, March 9, 2009

With the Stroke of a Pen Science and Sanity Restored.

This morning President Obama overrides the ideology that has precluded this important advancement of scientific inquiry. The ban on stem cell research has been the ridiculous notion of the same religious community that attempts to force us to believe the world is only ten thousand years old, and the result of intelligent design.
Some of the most egregious perspectives of the religious community were never valid and are going to be challenged on the political level. With the understanding that humans with afflictions potentially aided by this research are more important than the contents of a Petri dish America moves forward Religion steps back.
The moral objections outlined by opponents to this research are flawed. The church will allow that the creation of life can be performed clinically and not in the Biblical sense of sexual reproduction. It is then ok to destroy the unused embryos but not use them to save life. How profoundly backwards organized Religion asks us to go. How profoundly stupid the politicians that pander to the base that espouse these views. How profoundly important to the future of mankind the steps taken this morning. Thank you Mr. President for coming up to bat for all mankind and not just those who think themselves morally and religiously superior for they are not!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lets watch the Turd Blossom Bloom in the Big House

So Karl gets to make his case as to why he is a just a pawn. But he doesn’t have to answer any questions about his discussions with George W, “ that’s privileged” Karl is not under oath but subject to prosecution for perjury. That’s nice work if you can get it, and that is the deal that was struck.
Karl Rove is one slippery piece of work, and does any one believe he will be forthcoming? Will we all just hold our breath as Karl spills his guts? And throws all the other players in his gaming of the political process into the deep end of the pool.
I do not believe that the BUSH BRAIN as he has been termed is capable of remembering all his own lies and this will trip him up. So much testimony already presented and documented, will not be overlooked. My hope is that his inquisitors are up to the task of asking the right questions. He will not volunteer. But he can be pressed.
Now I am wondering about how much coaching he has had with Harriet Myers are they on the same page or will they have conflicts resulting in perjury issues. The games are beginning and Karl Roves arrogance reflects the fact that he thinks he is still in charge and control.
Something that I keep reading on a daily basis is that we must correct the mistakes made in the last administration. Mistakes “no mistakes were made every thing that was done was calculated and deliberate“. Karl Rove was the architect and the intent was evil. The last time I checked America was a democracy founded on a Constitution but under the tutelage of Karl George was attempting a POLICE STATE. Karl carried water and will be drowned by his own complicity in all things George.
Remember folks this is just the beginning of the end, now it’s the peoples turn!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

9/11 was a Commission no more Commissions

9/11 no one believes this commission worked properly or believes its findings. No one I know believes that box cutters and cave dwellers brought down the trade towers and building # 7.So my point is this go directly to a special prosecutor start at the beginning which was 9/11 and lets get this show on the road.
The outrageous events of the last eight years need attention, give me no garbage about looking forward give me the truth. I am fully aware of the big pile of horseshit left at the front door of the White house in the form of economic destruction of the country. I am fully aware of the lies that led to war I am fully aware of the corruption of the Justice Department and political prosecutions. That being said lets get on with an accountability moment for those responsible.
You cannot in one sentence say that we are a nation of laws and in the next say I am more inclined to look forward rather than back. One person in every thirty one is in jail in America more marijuana users who hurt no one, than corrupt politicians that hurt every one. This is a most absurd notion of justice. The gasbagery bullshit that came forth from the Republican soiree this past weekend and the non stop, CNN Steele apologizes to Limbaugh, to me means the right is still framing the argument, don’t let them.
The greatest point I am attempting to make is this justice prevails at the low end of the scale but becomes very allusive higher up. The low life goes to jail but the privileged elite do so much more damage and get a pass. A special prosecutor now it won’t take long or cost much as the evidence is in hand, some of it has already been displayed in the form of nine memos released by the justice dept. and more are on the way. This whole charade of past administration malfeasance must become the actual history of events and not some kind of revisionist bullshit fit only for GW Bush Presidential library
Let history show a past President was convicted along with his vice and other senior staff and advisors for wrong doings while in office. Then and only then can Truth Justice and the American way be achieved
Peace be with you!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I want to see President Obama succeed

This past weekend has seen so many gas bags espousing their vitriolic stupidity that I am given hope that the American people will see it for what it is failure. Unrepentant failure no new ideas. The new Republican Party pulling itself apart with the help of Rush Limbaugh is going to be fun to watch. I suggest enough air time and rope they will hang themselves.
The policies, decisions and people the President has put into place truly means change. However the secret weapon to make this whole boat float is the President himself his oratory skills along with his sincerity comes shining through. The people see this and are persuaded that what he says has merit and truth this guy is not spinning the facts. Common sense and common good will prevail.
President Obama has stated that special interest and lobby groups are getting ready to oppose his policies especially health care reform. No doubt they are and further he states he is ready for them. The health insurance industry is willing to spend countless millions of its profits on lobbying to retain its very profitable monopoly. This is not a game and the Republicans know it. Their party is in so much trouble on this issue alone that when the President pulls off universal health care the Republicans will be out of office for several election cycles. This was the fact in most countries with universal care Canada, Great Britain, France and Germany.
Much is being said about the cost of this type of Government run care; today it has been reported to cost less than the bank bailout. The country is worth that and more. The greatest benefit will come in the form of social survival, no more bankruptcy from catastrophic medical expenses and no death from spread sheet disease. Imagine how much more productive the work force will be, how much more confidence the individual will have in a country that actually is working for his best interests.
I do not want to see anyone including the Republicans FAIL but they will fail unless they wake up and smell the coffee. The old order changes bringing forth the new.
I do want to see President Obama succeed don’t you?