Sunday, March 15, 2009


The appropriate quote Mr. Cheney is “Shit Happen” and you Sir are full of it but down a quart.
Shit happens; never in the history of man has anyone more disingenuous than Dick Cheney ever come on the scene. If I didn’t know better I would think him posturing. His smirk while being interviewed by John King on CNN rivals Bush. After a long winded question about now being out of the picture, would he do or say anything different from how we will be greeted as liberators, and intelligence supports the fact that Saddam Hussein has nuclear weapons response. Well John I think we accomplished just about every thing we started out to do in Iraq.
This former Vice president has no credibility, none everything he ever said and did was wrong. Everything he ever said or did was calculated to further his power and that of the Military Industrial Complex. WE the people is not a Republican mantra it is not even a consideration. If you are not Republican why would you ever want to see this man in anything but a prison orange jumpsuit? Certainly not in prime time TV and not framing the future and commenting on the worth of the new Presidents policies and agenda. You sir are the biggest failure to ever hit politics. You Sir are not worth being interviewed anywhere except The Hague.
Why would John King do this kind of an ass kissing interview? Hey John he is not some kind of super hero, he is a WAR CRIMINAL a treasonous lying insidious human. This had better be his last public position, no more politics; he indicated he might put something in his book about his words with George on the subject of pardon for Scooter Libby. Well holy shit will that be the truth? A book oh yes now the truth will be told about his forty years in politics Let me suggest a title for it.
“Every thing I am never going to tell you”


Annette said...

I can't hardly watch John King anyway, but today I really couldn't do it.. no way was I gonna look and listen to that lying sack of garbage. I pretty well knew what he was going to say anyway..and he didn't disappoint

I also didn't figure King would ask him any hard questions or anything about the death squad he was supposed to be running.. Now that might have been worth watching... of course he would have just lied but John King would never ask anything like that.

Tango daddy said...

You Annette are so right no hard questions just an ass kissing interview.
This man deserves an acountability moment dont you agree?

jude cowell said...

Yes, I saw it too and it was predictably full of softballs with no critical Qs at all.

But would Cheney have agreed to the interview with King if King intended to actually be a reporter on our behalf? Puh! Dick probably had nixing rights as well in case anything truthful turned up.