Saturday, March 21, 2009


The first day of spring my daughter demanded that we clean up the Tango and Daddy’s digs. Last June my wife of forty years died, we have all gone through the grieving process, and the remembering. We have come to grips with a new reality, but we hadn’t come to cleaning. Well now we have.
This past week has seen a flurry of activity to reclaim this place from us to me. My wife during her last few years got her daily exercise by touring all the local thrift stores and taking comfort in being able to clothe kids, grand kids, her and I with quality clothing and footwear for next to nothing. She could recognize quality from a distance so it was all good stuff and lots of it.
Back in January and after the party season gave way I invited all the family women to come one Sunday for Sushi and shopping Sake just made it a hoot. These ladies all have something in common and that is how to cherry pick the good gear and they did. Lots of this stuff was gone but most remained. This past few weeks darling daughter went through it all and labeled thirty industrial sized garbage bags.
I know that this same story has and is repeated widely throughout the country but it is a first for me. This booty was given over people who are trying their hardest to do harm reduction at the street level in Abbotsford BC a Bible belt community that does not support them. These people support a needle exchange program and attempts to help from the bottom up; they are not funded by anyone except a lawyer who has worked his entire career towards the philosophy of harm reduction.
Well the upshot of this post is spring has sprung; I have a very clean house. I have a brand new bigger blogger control center that used to be the lady’s bedroom and a future that can never forget her; I just didn’t need all that stuff to remember!


KayInMaine said...

Hi TangoDaddy. I had no idea your wife died. I'm so sorry. Give Tango a hug from me and tell him to lick your face from me! ;-)

Tango daddy said...

Thanks for the licks Kay Tango does that without even thinking.But some day it is just a big hug I need and I get that from bloggers like you and not being afraid to express my feelings with people who care. keep spitting Kay thats my idea of getting rid of what we don't need!

marain said...

Dear Tango Daddy - I apologize for not replying sooner - my life has been a little hectic lately, and it's hard to find time for everything. I just wanted to let you know that I found your post very moving. What a huge change for you! You are fortunate that your daughter was there to help you through it. Big hugs from me!

Tango daddy said...

With hugs and licks and friends afar this man is going to make it. Thank you Marain.