Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lets watch the Turd Blossom Bloom in the Big House

So Karl gets to make his case as to why he is a just a pawn. But he doesn’t have to answer any questions about his discussions with George W, “ that’s privileged” Karl is not under oath but subject to prosecution for perjury. That’s nice work if you can get it, and that is the deal that was struck.
Karl Rove is one slippery piece of work, and does any one believe he will be forthcoming? Will we all just hold our breath as Karl spills his guts? And throws all the other players in his gaming of the political process into the deep end of the pool.
I do not believe that the BUSH BRAIN as he has been termed is capable of remembering all his own lies and this will trip him up. So much testimony already presented and documented, will not be overlooked. My hope is that his inquisitors are up to the task of asking the right questions. He will not volunteer. But he can be pressed.
Now I am wondering about how much coaching he has had with Harriet Myers are they on the same page or will they have conflicts resulting in perjury issues. The games are beginning and Karl Roves arrogance reflects the fact that he thinks he is still in charge and control.
Something that I keep reading on a daily basis is that we must correct the mistakes made in the last administration. Mistakes “no mistakes were made every thing that was done was calculated and deliberate“. Karl Rove was the architect and the intent was evil. The last time I checked America was a democracy founded on a Constitution but under the tutelage of Karl George was attempting a POLICE STATE. Karl carried water and will be drowned by his own complicity in all things George.
Remember folks this is just the beginning of the end, now it’s the peoples turn!!


Annette said...

I am still trying to figure out how you can have Executive Privilege when none exists. There is no provision for it anywhere in the Constitution. It is something that was created in the minds of men who were trying to cover up their past deeds when they were doing things they thought they shouldn't.

Why they are allowing him to claim it is what I don't understand. He should have no claim to it at all. He left the employ of the President a long time ago.. and that President is no longer in the White House.. so even if such an animal existed looks to me like his would have expired.

I think there is a court case still pending on it too.. So hopefully they will rule soon on it and it will finally put it to rest. said...

Good blog.

Len Hart said...

You're right. Turd Blossom will slip up and, in fact, slipped up badly on a TV interview. But dammititall, I can't remember precisely what he said. I recall seeing it on YouTube.

The TB, in his younger days, always carried around a shirt pocket full of note cards full of 'facts' and talking points, a practice that he adopted as a 'debater'. I may be wrong, but I don't believe Cliff Notes are allowed when one is invited to make an appearance before a grand jury.

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