Monday, March 16, 2009


There is a new twist to “hands in the air you are under arrest“. In British Columbia Canada law enforcement by the RCMP has given way to by law enforcement. What the provincial court system cannot handle because of the sheer number of grow operations, has been given over to municipalities public safety inspectors for milking. The RCMP does not have the man power, the court system cannot handle the volume and there is just too much bad shit going on to have to deal with mom and pop grow ops. I believe it to be widely accepted that marijuana production in BC is more than significant. This province would be in the financial dumpster without it. It can not go away so bylaw enforcement teams are out there busting people with fines only, no criminal charges. These inspection teams are being fueled by BC hydro lists of people who display at the meter higher than average electrical consumption. A three or four man team arrives at your door and presents you with a notice that they will be back in 24 hrs to look for a possible public safety hazard. This public safety hazard is extremely ambiguous and based on excessive electrical consumption only
In they come and intrusiveness does not describe what they do here CSI step aside for these people do not deal in science, theirs is the art of intimidation a Police car in front of your house Inspectors all over your premise and the undisputable finding that you were growing marijuana in this house. They found a roach they found a leaf they found a hole in the ceiling or they found a hook that hangs lights they always find something as there job depends on it. You are given a copy of their finding, and the total punitive demands needed to remedy this public safety hazard. Purging of water system elimination of molds fungi, carpet and drapery cleaning and certification by a qualified electrician that this premise is safe to inhabit. All these demands are purely arbitrary and not based in science but based on the need to find you guilty and impose a FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR FINE.
What these fine civil servants are actually doing is showing the growers how to stay below the radar of being fingered by big brother BC Hydro and that if you are actually stealing power you probably won’t get caught. This is a cash cow this has become a revenue enhancement you could call it a shovel ready money maker for municipalities. I call it a super soft bust you don’t go to jail and you do learn how fascism grows in your own community. GUILTY WITHOUT BEING CHARGED OR HEARD IN A COURT OF LAW. Unpaid fines go on your taxes at the end of the year. One way or the other you will pay!


cc'd said...

Great post Dr. Tango. I had no idea that fines of up to $5000 could be administered with circumstantial evidence. At the most, I have received a $400 fine for speeding, in which the police had caught me with technology doing this speed. I had no idea a judge, jury and closed case could be determined by a police officer, a person who has training in law enforcement, not law interpretation. This is equivalent t garnishing more that one month's income (for most of us middle-to-low classers)

Hopefully, a lawyer or two could come up with a proper description how this is crossing the line to fascist-dictator type reasoning, and is against the laws of personal freedom, privacy and protection.

Tango daddy said...

Thanks CC in the case you cite a police officer has much more training than do these ego tripping public safety narcs.
And yes there are lawyers who are proactive and holding the municipalities doing this accountable in court and winning, There is no room for arbitrary punitive actions!

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