Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Every peon on the planet knows that you build everything from the bottom up. Except for the star of the movie “Bedtime for Bonzo”. Imagine Ronald Reagan as a College professor attempting to teach a chimp human morals, and solve the age old question of nurture vs. nature. Well shit if you can do this!!
This would obviously qualify Mr. Reagan to become President of the United States of America, and reinvent the concept of building by some trickling down theory, man this guy is good like a god. Not unlike his movie we all became his monkey. We the people were subjected to some very perverted economics, while those the very rich did very good.
Well that was then and this is now, the old order changes On Nov. 4th 2008 a new era in honesty came into existence. The sins of our fathers are behind us. But we will know what those sins are and follow them to the end of the rule of law, there is no choice. Or all else fails. It is also time to put to bed Republican Bonzo economics!!
The incoming President worked hard from the bottom up to the top The outgoing President was some kind of trickle down leftover from former failed administrations. This is now the time to BE BOLD, economically socially and politically. After sixty some odd days in office this man has attempted to save our working asses from the greed and failure of the past he has with good humor accepted the politics of no, and worked around it. He has taken charge and met with constant criticism. He has plans ideas solutions and can admit that he makes mistakes, in other words this man is human, unlike the last guy who talked with god. This man talks to the people.
Last night President Obama talked to the people, he was demeaned for using a teleprompter. Oh yes, that was for the portion of his speech where he had a specific message to give perfectly, he did that and then did something seldom seen in Washington he answered questions ad hoc for the world to see. Further fleshing out the complexities of his tasks at hand. The most pressing of which is to get the nation working again and see that every American has Cheney Health Care.
Do not accept the message seen on cable news networks; accept only the words you see from the man himself he speaks to us daily. And speaks truth to the masses, get his back help him from the bottom the net roots up. The old order of corporatism privilege and greed is not going away easily it will be politics as usual. We all know what his job is and that is be our President our job is to be his assistant. So let’s assist, and rebuild this baby from the bottom up!!


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