Tuesday, March 10, 2009

At least Al Franken has been able to keep his humor

The Coleman vs. Franken debacle may soon draw down. Al Franken has kept his humor against the enormous machine of Republican dirty tricks. Talk about gaming the system. The legal costs alone to perpetuate the allusion of Norm winning are mind boggling but if the Republicans have one thing it is money and their ability to raise it. The fact that Norm holds on in the face of farce is that he has been told to do it and the Republicans do reward their own. GOOD NEW JOB FOR NORM.
Coleman's supporters on the national level have been more concerned with counting votes in the U.S. Senate than with counting absentee ballots in Minnesota, and that concern shows up in Coleman‘s legal arguments.
Something I could never quite get behind is the gaming of the court system. I can’t quite afford the legal fees but to Republicans legal fees and financing them, come before food in the budget, and how business is done. “If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance baffle them with your bullshit and throw in a lawyer, or in Norms case the ex Presidents lawyer.
When this finally comes to an end a new election, for which Coleman is increasingly angling, would cost $3.5-5 million. No do over please. This whole episode has just been a scam, but does prove the need for serious election reform.
So to sum up this incredibly conflicted voting process Norm Coleman who didn’t want a re election back in November now wants one. The Franken camp will rest its case tomorrow, and there is either a light at the end of the tunnel or a freight train coming. But one way or the other Al Franken still has his humor!

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Annette said...

I think you have this one all figured Norm Coleman I think thought Al would drop out and he would just be able to jump back in.. I am glad Al stayed in.. and kept his sense of humor too.. I hope he can hang in there just a bit longer. Hopefully the court will decide in his favor and we can get him in the Senate, we sure need him.