Monday, March 2, 2009

I want to see President Obama succeed

This past weekend has seen so many gas bags espousing their vitriolic stupidity that I am given hope that the American people will see it for what it is failure. Unrepentant failure no new ideas. The new Republican Party pulling itself apart with the help of Rush Limbaugh is going to be fun to watch. I suggest enough air time and rope they will hang themselves.
The policies, decisions and people the President has put into place truly means change. However the secret weapon to make this whole boat float is the President himself his oratory skills along with his sincerity comes shining through. The people see this and are persuaded that what he says has merit and truth this guy is not spinning the facts. Common sense and common good will prevail.
President Obama has stated that special interest and lobby groups are getting ready to oppose his policies especially health care reform. No doubt they are and further he states he is ready for them. The health insurance industry is willing to spend countless millions of its profits on lobbying to retain its very profitable monopoly. This is not a game and the Republicans know it. Their party is in so much trouble on this issue alone that when the President pulls off universal health care the Republicans will be out of office for several election cycles. This was the fact in most countries with universal care Canada, Great Britain, France and Germany.
Much is being said about the cost of this type of Government run care; today it has been reported to cost less than the bank bailout. The country is worth that and more. The greatest benefit will come in the form of social survival, no more bankruptcy from catastrophic medical expenses and no death from spread sheet disease. Imagine how much more productive the work force will be, how much more confidence the individual will have in a country that actually is working for his best interests.
I do not want to see anyone including the Republicans FAIL but they will fail unless they wake up and smell the coffee. The old order changes bringing forth the new.
I do want to see President Obama succeed don’t you?


Annette said...

It was pretty sickening seeing all that hot air floating around over Washington

Now they seem to be arguing over "Who's the Boss" Grab the popcorn it may get interesting and entertaining before it is over.
I can't wait to see who wins this fight and see if Steele bows down and says he is sorry.

Great post, you always have such a good way with words and you are very insightful.

Tango daddy said...

thank you very much for the kind words Annette it was sickening. and its not over yet till the fat bastard sings. but at least the future looks better than it did a year ago.

Tango daddy said...

Hey Annette forgot the popcorn grabbed a beer and found out how prophetic you were Steele capitulated and did the lady are the one who is insightful!!!