Thursday, March 26, 2009

On Marijuana His Answer was Correct The Question was Wrong

It won’t save the economy or stimulate it. But the social issue of harm reduction philosophy is something perhaps the President would explore. You weren’t blown off Green Machine your question just wasn’t framed in a way that would allow the President to come aboard.
How about this, Mr. President would you advocate the growing of hemp as a way to again establish a known valuable product line to the flagging agricultural sector? This product alone deserves to be put back in service as it has been removed for no good reason. That being said Sir Hemp can stimulate the economy. It can’t stimulate man.
From a social viewpoint the legalization of marijuana would eliminate the arrest of about eight hundred thousand Americans annually. It would eliminate the needless incarceration of hundreds of thousands of victimless crimes. Surely all sections of the legal community are overworked, police officers who are forced to deal with possession are not dealing with much more pressing police matters. The court system should not be wasting it’s time and public money on these prosecutions. Most importantly the stigma of arrest and criminal record would no longer impede the employment of otherwise normal hard working Americans. This green plant is not going to go away it is going to be an issue you, Sir are going to have to deal with it. Now get back to saving the economy and think about how you could spend very little and save whole lot more!! Making seventy million Americans happy at the same time.
WE can revisit this question at another town hall.


ksliberal said...

You are so right on this topic; we will be revisiting the drug laws, specifically marijuana laws in the near future. Eventually even the woodenheads in charge will begin to see that they can't fight the "war on drugs" military-style. When they change the marijuana laws, it will change the field of play. When the pharmaceutical companies begin to see dollar signs...everything will change. I believe that I will live to see the day when there are no such things as "street drugs" anymore.

Tango daddy said...

thanks for coming on board KS.For a very long time this moment has been in the making. It now seems to me should the question be framed properly the answer is self evident. I have more hope for the future than ever I can remember.And as my favorite professor used to say the future is all there is!! Street drugs be gone..

ksliberal said...

Did you seen Eugene Robinson's editorial today? (link below) He says it's time for a reality check on our drug laws. People are starting to come around. I joined a group called "students for a sensible drug policy." It's not just the stoners at NORML anymore!:)

Anonymous said...

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