Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Slow News Days

So why are print papers failing? Could it be they don’t report the news and don’t work worth shit for carrying water? Now that newspapers and TV and radio are so intertwined, maybe the printed paper should go the way of the future. That would be good for the environment, but bad for wrapping fish. The water carrying heavy lifting media will be TV, it’s sexier and sex sells. The corporate media has a very ripe environment with the openness of the current administration. No slow news days. The problem lies in the fact that the public gets to see the true message as spoken by the President, and he is open and enticing in his argument. The corporate message is only spin.
Notice how the mainstream press was excluded from questions during an historic press conference? Notice the slap in the head Ed Henry got? Notice the buckets being carried by the likes of John King And Mr. Independent Lou Dobbs? America is being short changed by watching CNN, Fox and all the other networks, if they think they are getting the news.
Notice the point of greatest importance The internet and independent Bloggers this is where the real news can be found you can access British ,Australian , Arabic or most of the worlds most respected news agencies. Cheaper than purchasing one newspaper .Then you get the news.
Notice as well that this is where President Obama brought together millions of Americans and enough millions of dollars ten, twenty, fifty bucks at a time to defeat the absurdly rich Republican election machine. We the people have a voice and it is here in the blogessphere we the people have a research tool at our fingertips that can help us separate the bullshit from the buckwheat.
So why do we need newspapers? When the TRUTH is out here and it is just a GOOGLE away!

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Annette said...

More and more I depend on my computer. I have the TV on but it is more noise than anything...then if something catches my eye.. I go look it up online to verify it before I believe what I heard or