Saturday, April 25, 2009


I know the American people like to jest about Canadians and the great white north. And on a lot of issues they are correct and we laugh with you. As a Canadian we get a few laughs from other than Jay Leno. But humor aside HEALTH REFORM in your country is no laughing matter.
This is the single most important way of correcting the economic crisis facing America today. If done properly. The lobbyists are going into overtime in trying to maintain the status quo. But remember they are health insurance and not health care, ‘they don’t care’ they insure. They insure a profit for themselves at the cost of a loss to you. They will not go away nor should they; they should have to compete with a new mandatory individual government run single payer plan.
Look north friends and see a health care system that if you copied would drive the economy. I am single and pay fifty four dollars a month. I am covered for all Dr. Visits, all tests, hospital stays, surgery. Not covered for drugs, but a means test means I pay less. Not covered for dental or optometry, but I can LIVE with that.
There is no one in Canada denied treatment for a preexisting disease and no one dies for lack of treatment, or because their insurance ran out. Medical ethics. And common sense, the moral issue of all people being equal under the health care system sets this country apart.
Catastrophic medical emergency will thrust thousands in America into bankruptcy, I have seen family insurance costs at anywhere between seven and twelve thousand dollars per year. If this is accurate, compare the fifty four dollar per individual cost in Canada and see the saving when the profit motive is taken away. The savings aren’t just in money but in the peace of mind knowing that the system cares. You are relieved of one of the most troubling burdens you have had up till now. The cash in your pocket is much more dynamic than that same cash going to insurance company profit.
You have one big chance to make this happen President Obama has made overtures to making health care a filibuster proof vote, so get you fingers working through the net roots and demand your elected officials enact GOVERNMENT RUN SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE. And when you get it we will all laugh at the Republican Party who just doesn’t get it.
Get the Presidents back and make him go the whole nine yards.


ksliberal said...

You are right on with this post!
And I will let you in on a little secret...we may laugh at you sometimes, though we laugh WITH you most of the time, but many of us long to BE you in many ways.
Keep informing Americans about your health care system because we have all been fed lies and nightmares for too long.
Thanks Tango Daddy!

Tango daddy said...

KS I do believe the lies and nightmares are over but the hard work still needs doing. Your main man is going to be inundated with heavy duty lobbying but if he is going to use the reconcilliation process go hard and press him for the best damn system you can possibly. get.
President Obama needs net roots help. This is the rewrite of democracy and the best hope for the future you will ever see!!