Friday, April 24, 2009

Make Pirates into Revenuers!!

Forgive me if I am wrong but Somalia is an impoverished nation is it not? Today in Washington General Petrais suggested that ships traveling the area have armed guards. Now that would be military mans response.
Did you know that this impoverished country has had European biological waste wash up on its shores? Did you know that people were getting sick because of it? Were you aware of the fact that the fisheries this country has always depended on are gone?
Somalia has the right to monitor the passage of ships through waters that affect her. PIRACY is not the way. The knee jerk media response to these acts certainly attract viewers but do not inform them about why piracy is needed, Somalia is a cry for help
I don’t know where pirate money goes, but if it were to go to the public coffers I would suggest a government sponsored safe passage tariff to get through this troubled areas waters.
A fee is not inappropriate considering the alternative cost of a retinue of armed guards, or interrupted journeys and huge ransoms. And diplomatically while we are engaging with Somalia perhaps help could be given in finding out just who in the hell is responsible for the toxic waste dumping.
A more compassionate response must be available from America than military might, warships, and snipers I would hope that as we read this someone is working diplomatically for a solution.


Annette said...

I think they are trying, but without some kind of central government in Somalia it is hard to have diplomatic relations with them. And if the ships were close to the coast it would be one thing but when they are going over 300 miles out to sea and attacking ships in open water that takes away the premise they are only attacking ships in their coastal waters... But like I said until there is some kind of government in Somalia or someone who will stand up and say they will take responsibility for the pirates there isn't much that can be done.

Tango daddy said...

Thanks Annette I shouldn't start Friday night beer blogging over at KOS. I just go off on a poorly thought out rant.

Annette said...

Never.. you always have good thoughts. I think it is a very good thought, and it will work if the pirates will sit and listen.. but as you say they have to get them all at the table. That also means getting the ones doing the dumping to stop their criminal behavior too.

You have been tagged for an award if you would like to come by my place and pick it up.. please.

Tango daddy said...

Annette if that hat is what youn are wearing I am on my way.