Thursday, April 30, 2009


If ever there was a politician to whom term limits should apply it would be Senator Arlen Specter. This man launched his career on the most egregious lie ever told to the American people. The magic bullet that killed JFK. It was Arlen Specter who argued his absurd theory to hide the truth of 11/22/63. It was his theory that kept a conspiracy out of the investigation. That day in Dallas was the day truth ended.
And now Senator Specter is in political trouble and his only hope for survival is to switch parties, admittedly he was once a Democrat and is now being welcomed into the fold again as the 60th vote needed for a filibuster proof senate. I say use him; get his vote wherever you can. Abuse him by forcing his vote when reluctant to embrace party lines, and then loose him when a real Democrat comes up against him in the primaries.
This man is a self serving political hack and deserves no real place in a Government dedicated to truth and change in Washington he would be an embarrassment. Senator Specter is now seventy nine years old and has cancer. How much energy and support for re election should be given him? None by my estimation,
This man should go quietly into retirement, write a book and tell the truth about the JFK cover up. Nothing this man ever did in his career comes close to being as important as that initial lie.


Annette said...

I think you hit that nail right square on the The President needs him for the Health Care he wants to get passed.. So they did what they had to so they could get it passed, then once it is done all bets are off... Joe Sestak a Representative from PA is a great guy and would make a wonderful Senator.. he had even started looking into it and raising money.. So, Specter may have a run for his money after all..

Tango daddy said...

Thanks Annette some people just need to be ridiculed and called out for past performance. Snarlin Arlin is one of them!!