Thursday, April 2, 2009


Will Rogers is reported to have said about politicians “by the time they get to Washington they forget who the hired hand is” Your politicians aren’t listening to you. You wanted an end to the Iraq war, you wanted impeachment you wanted the truth about 9/11, and most importantly you wanted change, that you got. Now where is it?
The Iraq war is winding down or at least the administrations views and wishes are being worked on. It can safely be said that impeachment is off the table .However Mr. Holder is coming to dinner and the table talk will center on appointing a special prosecutor. Now keep up the pressure, but don’t hold your breath on 9/11 this is not the final word.
A Special Prosecutor is so necessary in these incredible times as the people see torturers not even being investigated abuses against civil liberties no investigation, illegal wiretaps justice dept wrongdoings the list goes on and on. No Investigation no Prosecution No Justice No Change at the rarefied higher levels of politics.
Marijuana users are appearing in a court house near you as I write this. How wrong is that? A victimless crime does time, Politicians get a free ride on being accountable and then they get a pension. Users get a record. Your tax dollars are being spent on keeping you under control, and in jail and in the poor house. All at the same time.
Earlier today I found a post at
If Americans don’t push for it, there will Be No Accountability for Bush's Crimes
And near the end of that post I found this
Meanwhile, the accountability ball is now in the court of those who want to press the Attorney General to appoint a special prosecutor. To make that happen, there must be a concerted show of political will. Remember what Obama said: "It's not up to me, it's up to you."
I think he means us the owners, we the people I think he means we have to redirect the hired hands to our bidding and make him do it!!


jude cowell said...

You said it, Tango-d!

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