Thursday, April 23, 2009


The net roots are pushing and it is being felt. President Obama is being pushed in the direction he knows he needs to go. He wants we the people to make him go in that direction. Some bloggers are saying they think of him as being very cagey to create the impression that he is forced to investigate the torturers. President Obama has not made any mistakes and he is making headway.
I think under the circumstances of what was most crucial to taking the reigns of governance the fact that he has made these statements of intent on torture in his first one hundred days in office speaks to the importance he places on the rule of law. The presidents overtures to bipartisanship indicates this is not a witch hunt and that he personally is not playing politics with this issue. The ball is in Holders court let him deal with it in a PROPER fashion and a timely one
Keep the pressure on Eric holder for a special prosecutor, no more commissions 9/11 was a commission and there was no truth and no prosecutions. A special prosecutor and keep the house and senate inquiries to a minimum this should not be a political issue it is a legal issue Now more than ever in the past the truth must be told. This subject on the authorization of torture is not an in house America first issue, this an international criminal court issue. The world is watching this must be done right.


Annette said...

I have signed every petition I can find that will be sent to and email all I can.

They are all saying they want to keep the politics out of it and the only way I know of doing that is to send it to the world court in The Hague. But that is ok. Get the evidence and then send it to the UN.. That would work for me. I don't care.. as long as they are punished for what they have done to our country.

Tango daddy said...

President Obama is not the vindictave sort he is a man of substance. I believe Annette that he has said let the chips fall where they may.
Thank you for signing every petition, as this is twenty first century democracy and doing what you do is the front line net roots eqivalent of revolution.

ksliberal said...

Since Obama is so intelligent, it is quite possible that this "foot-dragging" as I call it, and stated hesitancy to prosecute is just political posturing so that it won't appear to Joe Sixpack that this is a partisan witch hunt. I think you very well could be right about that (I so want to be in love with Obama, you know). I am reserving judgment until the thing plays out fully. However, in the meantime, I am doing a little posturing of my own. I am hammering away at the Obama administration in my blogs because I have found that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I am not exceptionally good at anything, but I have been accused of being a rabble-rouser, fire starter, trouble take your pick as to which adjective you believe suits me best. I believe that justice must prevail and sometimes in order to get justice, you have to howl and wail. So I am just doing my part. You article very wisely reserves judgment, Tango. It's an intelligent attitude to take as events on this issue are just getting started.

Tango daddy said...

Rabble rouser, fire starter, trouble maker, concerned citizen with her own blog let them all work in tandem and keep greasing those wheels of justice they may turn slowly but can't be allowed to wear out.

Christopher said...

The best way to get the truth about torture during the Bush administration is to set up a South Africa-style Truth and Reconciliation commission, whereby the people concerned are subpoenaed, answer all questions put, and, if they genuinely show repentance, are absolved from criminal prosecution.

Remember, the people concerned will never again be in a position to authorize torture, so what's the point in jailing them?

By confessing, they can't subsequently justify what they did as authorizors of torture.

Those who wish vengeance on them, might best look into their own psyches.

Tango daddy said...

Interesting compromise Christopher.
however I believe no commissions,no Truth and Reconcilliation,no Congressional or Senate commitee investigations that could be construed as partisan. The rule of law and a special prossecutor. The world is watching, this must be done properly.