Monday, March 9, 2009

With the Stroke of a Pen Science and Sanity Restored.

This morning President Obama overrides the ideology that has precluded this important advancement of scientific inquiry. The ban on stem cell research has been the ridiculous notion of the same religious community that attempts to force us to believe the world is only ten thousand years old, and the result of intelligent design.
Some of the most egregious perspectives of the religious community were never valid and are going to be challenged on the political level. With the understanding that humans with afflictions potentially aided by this research are more important than the contents of a Petri dish America moves forward Religion steps back.
The moral objections outlined by opponents to this research are flawed. The church will allow that the creation of life can be performed clinically and not in the Biblical sense of sexual reproduction. It is then ok to destroy the unused embryos but not use them to save life. How profoundly backwards organized Religion asks us to go. How profoundly stupid the politicians that pander to the base that espouse these views. How profoundly important to the future of mankind the steps taken this morning. Thank you Mr. President for coming up to bat for all mankind and not just those who think themselves morally and religiously superior for they are not!


Annette said...

I agree.. this is wonderful. I am so excited that this is happening. On 1600 on MSNBC they are talking about it and like they say not all embryo's are viable for implantation, some of them just won't grow into babies, (there are enough unwanted babies and children up for adoption)... so why waste them, use them for science.

Tango daddy said...

To Annette I say under the tutelage of President Obama Science and Religion may come together with a new understanding as he is a man of faith, only this new President has ethics and integrity and the ability to prove it!