Monday, February 14, 2011


A horse and a plow, a cow and a sow, twenty four hens and a rooster, and you have more than you used to.}

It’s a sad commentary on technological advancement when that old saw makes so much more sense today. When genetically modified and genetically engineered crops go untested for human consumption, and are only tested for corporate profit that is sad. Monsanto is not the agriculturist’s friend. Monsanto should not be the world’s food supplier. But it is becoming that, its corporate influence and lobbying has paid off for the company bottom line. Not so much for consumers.
I am not here to vilify Monsanto but corporate chemical farming in general as the only way to feed the world, when old school techniques like manure spreaders and crop rotation are put back in play a more healthy product is the result. Organics has been beaten up badly and is almost a dirty word in the production of food. What would you rather eat a lettuce grown in the ground or grown hydroponicaly in a stew of chemicals under forced lighting.

My grandfather had a one hundred acre farm in rural Ontario. He had three sons and a market garden that consisted of five arable acres. He had a team of horses, he had cow, and a sow there were twenty four hens and rooster. He put his three sons through high school. Two of those sons signed up for WW2 the third went two a wool factory making military clothing. They scraped by in ways that we need to duplicate. They were all long lived and healthy. His techniques and methods can be duplicated today and improved upon without compromising the final product. His products were sold at market his grains were ground in a mill a neighbors boar bred his sow and another neighbors bull bred his cow. Piglets and milk production
are both saleable but there greatest worth is in using those products.
More practical advice for the average American would be to grow more of what you eat. Even a small cultivated patch of ground in you own back yard would be better for you than just about anything you can buy in the supermarket. It is not hard. If you have acreage then my Grandfathers trip will more than keep you. Another old saw is “you are what you eat” so eat what you grow. That would be healthy, and you would be in control not Monsanto.

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