Sunday, November 28, 2010


Let’s drop some more documents, on the conspiracy to assassinate a president and Warren commission cover up. Liberalism be damned, the CIA and huge Military Industrial Complex thought themselves more in tune with reality than the President of the United States. They knew the form of chain of command being civilian Commander in Chief and went ahead with a regime change anyway, they thought his policies with the Soviets soft, thus dooming American democracy. The world changed on that day.
Let’s drop some documents on the conspiracy and cover up of the events of 911. Not even the authors of that Commission and report believe that what they did was accurate or complete. Indeed most of the world at large look on and say WT F. It just pisses me off big time every time, I see someone in the know repeat the lies. We were led from that infamous event into two wars of aggression and millions of lost lives, for what? OIL, Dick Chaney’s oil company executives carving up the Middle East oilfields.
As President Obama looks forward America is trying to predicate the future based on lies. This will never work. I understand full well why the truth is not in his best interests, the same as JFK, even the most powerful man in the word was taken out. The machine is powerful aggressive and ruthless greed knows no bounds.
This is why we need more document leaks, The truth is out there, it needs to see the light of day the days of public corruption must come to an end. Prosecutions would be nice but I would settle for the public just seeing the lies exposed and those that and those that made them and never forget that if you want to solve a crime follow the money. And never forget that it was George W Bush and Dick Chaney who held the reigns of power on that day.

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