Tuesday, November 30, 2010


And they are carrying a pointy little stick to poke in the eye of the club swinging media fuelled corporate framers of all argument
If there is an extension of the tax cuts for the very rich, this will be a failure, Democrats cannot be cave men on this issue you must reframe the argument and argue it differently.
It is presently argued that the deficit will be cut by seven hundred billion dollars over ten years if these tax cuts for the very wealthy are allowed to sun set. Do that for two years, and reduce the deficit by seventy billion a year. It then depends on who wins the next election cycle as to whether or not these extra tax cuts get reinstated. That’s reframing the argument in the American Peoples best interests not the wealthy, they don’t need it.
Now let’s do some fuzzy liberal math. It didn’t get much applause but this last budget prepared by the Obama administration was one hundred and twenty two billion dollars less than the previous budget prepared by the Bush administration. Now if the next two budgets were to do the same that would be two hundred and forty four billion dollar deficit reduction. If you add in the sun set provision you are now up to three hundred and eighty billion, and you haven’t even looked at cutting the biggest budget in the universe, the military A hundred billion a year here would hardly be noticeable but it would be close on to six hundred billion in two years in deficit reduction.
I know that I can be challenged on the math and that is fair. But there is very little downside by holding tough on this tax cut issue. And as President Obama is so fond of saying, make no mistake about this. I say Social security reduction or privatization is off the table. This is a red herring.
One final thought and that is the Democrats must come out en masse and expose these disingenuous Republicans for their disregard for democracy and lack of governance skills and nip in the bud their quest for power or WE THE PEOPLE will be no more.

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