Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mr. President Elect

If I were allowed to give you any advice on history, it would be this “take a page from your predecessor’s book" and take holidays and time out .Michele, Radiance, Rosebud and Dad that is the center of the universe that is home. Keep this one together and being the leader of the free world will be easy. The rest of the world knows what is happening in America.
I have heard you speak most eloquently on the subject of education and the need for parents to take more responsibility. Actually be parents and this is what I want you to do. The average Dad spends twenty minutes a day with their children You Mr. President Elect are not average you are a cut above. I think you should low ball the outgoing on the Crawford Texas spread as that village has lost its idiot and would welcome you with open arms. The infrastructure of security and communication is already there and not a bad place for that new dog.
Being the leader of the free world is never going to be as important as being a dad. Kids and dogs and dad and oh my God I do know. And if you have any dog difficulties I would recommend Caesar Millan as part of the animal transition team. Tango and I give you a fist bump and a paw shake and the desire for you to be the best dog owning daddy on the planet.
With no further ado Mr. President give the world your show!

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