Tuesday, January 20, 2009


January 20th 2009 9am Pacific standard time
The nightmare is over let the good dreams begin. So much is being written about this moment and so much of that is oh so very good, so much more informed than my little piece. However I wish to speak as a citizen of Canada and what this means to me. I have followed these past Presidents antics, lies and dubious behavior with horror. No civilized country deserves this kind of treatment at the hands of a leader who obviously ignores the people’s needs in favor of his friends and as GWB put it his base. His repeated veto of the SCHIP program was an unconscionable denial of human need and definitely not compassionate conservatism. Very little of what he thinks of as accomplishment can be viewed as such by the average person. His accountability moment has come and now he is GONE.
The world is watching these events today and hope again is being brought to life. The treasure that was America is being picked up dusted off and going to assume its proper place on the world’s stage. This is the first time since the inauguration of JFK that the face of America shone the way it does today. Barack Obama is the face of the world’s future, he now holds the football and his finger is not as itchy on the trigger as the outgoing President the world can relax a lot tensions are easing. The American people are so behind this man and his audacity that there are over two million spectators today to watch the future unfold!
Peace be with You


marain said...

It is all very exciting! I am looking forward to some really good changes in the first 100 days!

Tango daddy said...

You are so right the next 100 days will be great.The world will get to feel the pulse of an new era and see a man who is sincere and honest!