Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pelosi What a Laugh

We are told that IMPEACHMENT is off the table. What is it that I don’t understand about why that is fact? There has been no good reason given at this point to forego that obvious tool to the truth.
Dennis Kucinich offered up in the house 35 articles of Impeachment that has gone virtually unreported in the corporate media and made one hell of a stir at the net roots. I am beginning to have a high disregard for the corporate media but not them alone as this goes equally against a complicit Democratic party. Again and again I ask what are we missing. Why is this administration not being held accountable why is government Being fractured by stonewalling obfuscation and general nose thumbing of the laws of the land. When you have a Justice Dept hijacked to make the law conform to the Presidents wishes rather than inform the President as to the legality of his desire something is wrong.. Congress and Senate write law not the Justice Dept. and not the President however just say signing statement and you know something is wrong
Something is wrong Scott McClellan has said as much and has testified under oath. Phase two of the Senate investigation has been tabled and it as well indicates something is wrong. The FISA amendments and immunity to the TELECOMMUNICATION industry Fusion centers and a whole new litany of non credible intrusions of liberty are what is in store for the future. Silly me I thought the Democratic Party was for the liberal advancement of human rights and freedoms the progressive movement in a way in which the average person was not trod upon by government run amuck.
Impeachment does not necessarily mean removal from office it does mean investigation, it does mean no more ducking subpoenas it does get to the truth and it does preclude the pardoning of associates for crimes committed, including Telecommunications companies. When we all try and teach our children that it is wrong to lie cheat and steal here we a have a President who does all three. This is not the shining example a leader should be. Where is the accountability why didn't the Religious right take a stance against these lies as the abomination they are? This administration is so in need of an accountability moment that will put a stop on its assault of the American people. Impeachment would be that stop before everyone gets a pardon. Halliburton has done well don’t you agree? Carlyle Corporation is now poised to take over a large chunk of the espionage community. The Bush family empire will go on and on and on Billions of dollars of fraud, theft are just plain unaccounted for in Iraq. And did I mention Impeachment is off the table?

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