Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Normally I am a mild mannered blogger, but unlike Clarke Kent not able to duck into a phone booth and become SUPERMAN. So as a rule I usually take the side of caution and avoid conflict, making non inflammatory comments, seeking common grounds for agreement. This has always been my approach. As a young man I was instructed never to argue politics or religion. Today I went off the reservation.
Tango didn’t piss in my cornflakes; I had a good night’s sleep I just woke up feeling a need to proselytize. Shake the world a little, so while heading on down to the barbers I decided here would be grist for my mill. Only one really old dude ahead of me and no one else waiting. The morning papers headlines screaming Coalition Government? The chair is mine the old guy with his walker is gone, so Phil it looks like we get a new government, great don’t you think? NO I DON’T emphasis his. Oh come on Phil this has got to be good for Canadians. Looking at him in the mirror and he is scowling and holding scissors in his hand, I am not worried. You see Phil is a good God fearing man and likes to mention church at least once during every cutting. Now about this time another customer comes in we are both distracted momentarily but I am not to be put off this subject as I am now a part of the community of bloggers, a need for truth prevails. Phil as you know Canadians spoke but only 37% for Stephen Harper and the Conservative party. An overwhelming majority wanted a more liberal approach to governance. And a good portion of the populace just doesn’t like him and his passion of following in George W. bush footsteps. Both men their politics are way right of center and way too dependent on the religious community who they use for political gain.
It was at this point that unknown other customer and Phil went ape shit. I was looking directly at Mr. Unknown and seeing Phil in the mirror I had breached all ethics and mentioned politics and religion in the same sentence. An unheard of barbershop atrocity. The voice level of this tag team of conservative religious radicals rose dramatically as did the vitriol and pronouncement that I probably was happy with the election of Barack Obama. Absolutely delighted I said. Before assuming office looking absolutely Presidential and taking care of this bailout business in a very adult fashion don’t you agree? They didn’t agree. I was on a roll couldn’t let go, deregulation starting with trickle down Reganomics is what put America and the world on this financial crises, that and failed Bush policies, thirty years of republican corporate bullshit got us to this point. NO NO NO, it was Clinton. That was when I laughed out loud, and when unknown customer said hey Phil do you have a washroom?
Pretty much end of story got a good hair cut and when I paid and was leaving I extended my hand to unknown customer and said nothing like a lively discourse early in the morning. It made my day, but doubt it made theirs.

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