Sunday, November 1, 2009


Someone in Washington has kidnapped Jesus and is perverting his teachings. Politicians and people in powerful positions are being recruited to this perversion, known as the ‘The Family’
As the right wing religious movement asserts itself with ever increasing absurdity, this movement sometimes called the Christian Mafia should be called out for what it is not. It is not a religion, it is not a movement for the masses, it is a corruption of theology for the accumulation of power, politics and corporate dominance

Who among us want to believe that politicians like Ensign, Sanford and Pickering all members of the Family and living at that questionable “C” street house were anointed by God? These men should not get a pass on adultery, or ethics violations, these men have been elected on family values platforms and don’t have them. Their misguided political bent is to the corporate destruction of all things regulated by government. They believe that the poor are poor because of disobedience to God, and that they are all powerful because they are chosen by God. How sick is this?

Will Jesus ever trickle down to we the people again or is this profoundly arrogant organization going to control the message. I am not a big fan of the current forms of Christianity and the way it is promoted. It is troubling to see and hear so many different variations of unquestionable truth. It is more than troubling to see former political hopefuls like Palin attempting to expel the witches among us through the New Apostolic Revolution. The greater the organization of these movements the weirder they become.

To my mind the greatest work of fiction ever written is the Bible. Remember Jesus wrote nothing, the Bible was composed by scribes two to three hundred years after the event. But if you are looking for wisdom solace or comfort you will find it. Trust that by reading you will get what you need, it is not necessary to ask anyone for clarification. The truth you find will be your own.

Peace be with you

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So well said! Bravo!
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