Sunday, October 25, 2009


I knew there was a word in the Muslim world for a ten year treaty this is the word. If ever America is ever going to reclaim the country from military involvement in wars of aggression for corporate reasons now is the time .
President Obama must now wrest control of the military, from the military by reframing the argument from military might to diplomatic reasoning. This war was not won by the Soviets and is not going to be won with another forty thousand or eighty thousand troops. This war is not going to be won. It is an endless war.
It would make more sense to declare a cease fire, a cease and desist, on terrorist activities and discuss our differences. I know this is naïve, and any Commander in Chief who would attempt it would be absolutely branded as soft on security and terror. Unless this flag was run up the pole by say a man who had just won the Nobel Peace prize and was actually seen by the world at large to be genuine in his desire to make peace not war.
President Obama did not start this war. This was a gift from the previous administration, you do remember the Bush Chaney Rumsfeld cabal of oil industry war mongers. Iraq was about oil, Afghanistan Pakistan oil pipeline. Same old story same tail trying to wag a different dog. Different dog Commander in Chief Obama better show his teeth when Generals go off the reservation and go public with security reports recommendations and requests making the war political. Generals who do this are forgetting the primary military rule ‘chain of command’ .American foreign policy is not set by any other body than the Executive branch. And the Commander in chief.
To a military hammer everything looks like a nail let warriors be warriors when necessary and let statesmen make that determination. The war is winding down in Iraq. The time is now to wind down the entire middle east. This can be done .
The net roots of America got Barrack Obama’s back and got him elected President of the United States of America. The people of America have made him do what is right with health care reform now make him do what is the proper thing to do in the middle east. Quit the wars of aggression.
Hudna an a Arabic term meaning a temporary truce or armistice as well as calm or quiet This could be a ten year moratorium of peace while we step back and review our points of view and places in the world. Attempting To salve down our political, theological cultural differences and embrace our potential for twenty first century human development. HUDNA

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