Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Hardin Montana needs to snap it’s elastic and ask what the Fuck were we thinking? A public private police system is probably good for the corporate side but not so much for the public.
The American Police Force should never in any jurisdiction, ever be allowed. Law and order is not a for profit endeavor. I cant even concieve of a police authority that would put corporate fealty before public safety.
Some things cannot be privatized Police protection is one of them. This is an insane concept as are mercinaries instead of military. Conservatives keep screaming socialism, but I am here to tell you socialism is not near the enemy of America as corporate fascists with guns. Beware!


DPirate said...

Not so insane. Things used to be done this way in some townships. Anyhow, it is revenue that is the problem, however law and order is maintained. If a private firm is allowed to profit from police work, then we can see problems coming, but I cannot say this is any different from a public organization being allowed to profit, as is done all over the US currently. Revenue from ticketing and seizures is added to police budgets. In fact, I would guess that outright corruption would be more prevalent in the public system, but who knows.

ksliberal said...

Welcome back Tango Daddy! Hope all is well. You make an excellent point, as always!

DPirate's point that things used to be done this way, while valid, leaves out that when they were done this way, corruption and bribery were rampant. When guns are for sale, they are for sale to the highest bidder, ethics and morals be damned.

Corruption is everywhere, but the guess that it would be more prevalent in the public structure goes against logic. Private companies have no loyalties to people, communities, laws, etc. They exist to make a profit. It is very black and white. Profit trumps all in any private company. Public entities are beholden to the people that they serve. If we have failed to hold them to their responsibilities, we need to look to ourselves rather than demonize government. To demonize government is a lazy and non-constructive reaction to the problems we face in our nation.

We have a big problem with our police force and it is partially due to corporate influence. Because we have allowed private companies to influence the way our police are trained, police training has taken on a military bent. Instead of protecting and serving the people and the public, our police are taught to view us as the enemy and potential criminals and it is an US vs THEM mentality now. Corporate influence has harmed policing enough without stepping in to do the actual police work as well.

Great post!

swiss phil said...

hey tango daddy
remember the swiss dude that came up to your place with darci beginning of august? that's me :-)
your blog is inspiring, i will definitely check in again :-)


Tango daddy said...

First off KS it is good to be back fire season was long and heavy. Thats over so is my hunting season I went on two succesful trips with my oldest son.
I also had time to read Family of Secrets Russ Baker and The Family Jeff Sharlet. I am very happy to be in front of my computer as this takes a hell of a lot less energy than hunting or being a fire warden.

hey swiss phil dude good to hear from you as well. Remember that creek Darci took you to well I spent 14 days just up the road from there as security on a75 hectare fire. And as I just pointed out to KS it sure is good to be home so do drop in any time as i will be blogging Terry

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