Saturday, October 24, 2009


In 1961 when Dwight D Eisenhower was leaving office he made a very profound statement about the rise of the military industrial complex gaining control of power. He was right.
JFK saw that this was happening and did attempt to do something about it trying to smash the CIA into a million pieces, curtail the secret societies, and reign in the Federal Reserve bank. Well we all know the end of this story only too well. The American people lost big time, not only a President but the ultimate control of its own destiny through elected representation. A good man was assassinated because he was a threat to corporate interests by being a man of the people.
So through several election cycles we had a changing face of government ,Democrat Republican each giving us the illusion of democracy, while silently in the background the military industrial complex took hold along with corporate greed to wrest control away from we the people.
Aided and abetted by two Bush presidencies both of which were corrupt and criminal in their background history and secret society affiliations, Americas greatness was in decline Americas prestige as world leader was now seen for what it had become. A nation being built on lies a nation that needs war to fuel it’s economy will never run out of enemies.
The tragedy of 9/11 was not that nineteen Saudis with box cutters took down the twin towers, the tragedy is that a lot of Americans subscribe to this lie. Most of the world knows better. There are two big lies that must be exposed, and both include the Bush family. Herbert walker Bush was in the CIA and in Dallas when JFK was assassinated. Russ Baker in his book Family of Secrets makes this point abundantly clear. George W Bush being the President on 9/11 has never allowed the truth be told because this was the Pearl Harbor event needed to forge the Project for a New American Century.
The Bush family ties coupled with Reganomics and banking interests have led to the financial pile of shit that greeted President Obama at the door to the white house. The Bush family ties to the CIA and the military industrial complex, oil industry, etc. etc. have led to the military pile of shit that now must be shoveled.
Health care is now the number one domestic priority, get this done and the people will be happy. President Obama will have taken a big bite out of the ass of the insurance lobby. Now he has time to stand up to the Pentagon and the generals who attempt to paint him into the corner, by demanding troop increases, no giant smashing into a million pieces steps small ones demanding diplomacy and dialogue an new direction of talking to the enemy
I don’t have all the answers but I do know what is broken must be fixed. I do know that the world is watching and it likes what it sees. This man will make a difference at home and abroad. And I say with a great deal of respect that he urged the Republicans to grab a mop they didn’t do it. Now I urge America to pick up a shovel and help him clean out the shit.

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