Tuesday, May 12, 2009


In British Columbia today is Election Day. We voted by marking an X beside our candidate of choice on a paper ballot. By tonight late we will know which party will form the new government. There is a paper trail and no Norm Coleman bullshit shenanigans will be allowed. This is good.

I started this web site in Oct 2008 and as you all know following is an important aspect of getting your thoughts and ideas out there. One of the first people who picked me up was Marain at and to her I would like to say You should have seen the look on my butchers face this morning when I asked for a piece of veal to follow my girlfriend in Austria’s recipe for Wiener Schnitzel. I’ll let you know how this works out.
T o Annette at just my little piece of the world thank you for stopping by as often as you do feed back is important. The honesty about yourself as outlined in your award for Honest Scrap was inspiring. A suggestion for you five word webby acceptance speech, “Annette Say’s Keep on Trucking“.
To enigma4ever at Watergate summer I haven’t seen you for a few say does that mean that 6 6,s daddy is still visiting? Most of the time I just get emotional when I play your music any way. See you soon.
Jude Cowell at Stars over Washington posts often about the astrological significance of the day and the people who are making headlines. But it is the kind of philosophical post she has up today that tweaks me the most. “better to trust the many”.
All these bloggers inspire me with their abilities and different perspectives the thing I like best is that they always flog their own agenda and not for profit but for the common good.
Last on my list of shout outs today is MadAsHellLiberal KS who wants to change the fact that countless millions of Americans are without health care. KS has urged me to speak again about Canada’s system and its ability to cover every citizen from cradle to grave. The poor will always be among us so let’s start there. I am starting to see more and more homeless and down and out all the time when these people are in distress on the street an ambulance will pick them up and they are given the same treatment as any one else. They probably aren’t paying premiums but the social issues, and medical ethics of cause no harm far outweigh the financial burden imposed
Every Canadian citizen is more or less obliged to have a Care Card, I can already hear the howls of protest from the conservative elements as to how socialist and big brother like that would be in America. It is neither it is common sense and necessary for both billing and medical history. You are already part of a very large data base for less noble reasons. The ten provinces in Canada are all funded to a degree by the Federal government in a form and format beyond this bloggers ability to understand. And YES our TAXES are higher than yours in order to pay for all we have. Now follow me here because I may be wrong but aren’t your health Insurance costs upward to one thousand dollars a month for a family? My personal cost is $54.00/mth a family of ten $540.00/ month. About half what you pay now can your taxes go up and you still be better off? Short answer yes. Don’t bank on the figures for cost as I have laid out because when I don’t know I just make it up.
This I do know our system is not perfect but it is a work in progress and you would be well advised to make your elected officials settle for nothing less than a hard look north of the border at something that does work. GOOD LUCK


Annette said...

Thank you. This is a great post.. and again thanks for the shout out.

I am hoping they will do something that will help all the people who are out of insurance. They could do something like I have through the government, I have Medicare, from Social Security. There was talk about that for a while, and it has since died back.. that would be the single payor like you talked about. It costs me around $100 a month.. but it is worth it for me.

They keep saying if everyone is covered the price would come down.. well that would help me too.. so get everyone covered like I am and then it will bring my cost down from where it is.

Let's hope it will happen soon. We need it.

marain said...

Thanks for the mention, Tango Daddy! I enjoy your heartfelt writing so much and you were one of my first friends so you will always have a special place with me! Let me know how your Wiener Schnitzel turns out! I'm sure it will be yummy! All the best to you!!!


ksliberal said...

Thanks for the shout out and the straight scoop on the Canadian Healthcare system!! I have a quote now that I can use when someone starts to tell me that health care isn't so great in Canada. And I pay over $800 per month for healthcare premiums and a pre-tax fund to pay costs not covered by insurance for my family of three. If I could pay only $400, that would be a HUGE benefit to my family!
My mom made Wiener Schnitzel a couple of times when I was growing up and it was delicious. I hope you enjoy yours! Have a great day, Tango Daddy!!

Tango daddy said...

And KS you could pay another $200.00/mth taxes for education or anything else and still be two hundred buck ahead.
Health care is the backbone of the new American revolution. Thanks for the inspiration.