Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I have been rather forward in my criticisms of America of late so at this time I would like to take a page from Bill Clintons book and state “ there is more right with America than what is wrong “. I say America is not a melting pot it is a mosaic. It is a work in progress. The best is yet to come.

The next SCOTUS appointment is going to go to critical mass, with America’s ability separate the secular necessity of governance from the demands of a very vocal and narrow religious minority. America is not a Christian Nation. It is a nation of Agnostics, Atheists, Muslims, Jews, Native American, and all others that I do not slight by omission.

With these thoughts in mind ignore the Evangelicals ignore the Catholic Bishops in trying to influence settled law in America ignore their influence in all matters scientific. Religious views hold no credibility, in politics, and any political party that jumps on their bandwagon deserves to be ignored as well

The next appointment to the Supreme court will be the litmus test to what President Obama has called “empathy“. The next appointment will not be required to follow the dictates of unitary executive privilege, but conscience and common sense will be prerequisites. As well as adherence to the constitution and the rule of law.

In Canada we call it the loyal opposition in America the opposition is less loyal to the common good and much more up front its loyalty to party politics and lobbyist demands and in the case of Republicans loyalty, to the demands of the religious right. You can bet your bottom dollar they will attempt to derail any and all nominations for reasons of absurdity. Do Not Let Them.

The person President Obama puts forward will not be another Harriet Myers, no plant to extend his personal agenda, the nominee will be a qualified person able to view the nation and the people’s best interests and act on those interests with impartiality and reason.

All good legal minds welcome. No more Federalists need apply!


ksliberal said...

Amen! And it sure wouldn't hurt to look at someone who is female, Hispanic, African American or Asian American. We can use all the diversity we can get.

Annette said...

Hey you.. great post as always.. and spot on.. Yes, we need that diversity. I think Pres. Obama will pick one of the best candidates ever for the SCOTUS. It will not be a Harriet Miers for sure.

As much as they are throwing at Sotomyer it will probably be Me thinks they protest to much. lol

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