Monday, June 1, 2009


{I am now officially pissed off.}
When the murder of Dr. Tiller who I never heard of until today, becomes the target of domestic terrorism from the religious community and their misguided principals over an issue of settled law and common sense. I say the gloves are off for any and all that condone this form of violence. The so called religious community is more in keeping with radical extremism than any religion I know.

When did the Christians first become so militant? That murder in the name of God was necessary was the word of God flawed? What the fuck ever happened to tolerance understanding and decency is this religion so insecure that those opponents to theological dogma be murdered? Is this the pronunciation of the GOP rather than the GOD? How do we of reason allow this to happen? The hate mongers among us must be stopped dead in their tracks. This is terrorism no other word fits. Terrorism murder and religion are not and should not be compatible but they are.

Are you trying to tell me that Jesus would condone this? Who are you people that this behavior becomes acceptable? This is not the Christian enclave I grew up in!!.


marain said...

I see little or no difference between "Islamic" terrorism and that of "Christrian" extremists who bomb abortion clinics and commit other murderous acts. You are right to label them as terrorists.

Annette said...

Thank you for calling it what it is. It most certainly is nothing more than terrorism, this great man who did nothing more than practice medicine and care for womens rights.

Terrorism is just promoting fear, and that's what they are trying to do, this assassin was a member of the group Operation Rescue. They should be classified as a terrorist organization or at the very least a Hate Group.
They have attacked Dr. Tiller numerous times, and had protested outside his church..yes his church so many times, that this assassin was recognized by the church members. That's how bad it is.

But instead of calling Dr. Tiller a man of medicine, all the media calls him an "Abortion Doctor", but he was so much more than that.

Thank you for recognizing that.

PS, glad you are okay, I was getting concerned, hadn't heard from you in a

Tango daddy said...

In Canada we had a man named Dr. Henry Morgenthaler This man had the audacity to open an abortion clinic in Montreal at a time when abortion was illegal.He was charged but juries refused to convict him.
Finally he was convicted and did time.Finally Canada came to its senses abortion became legal and the good Dr. was given the Order of Canada, a medal of high distinction.
Something I believe the pro life movement always neglects to mention is that without the sanitation and expertise rendered in these clinics thousands of women would not get the counseling and care they need.Many would die.
When done in the proper facility there is no need for back room abortionists.

Christopher said...

As Christopher Hitchens says: Religion poisons everything.

Tango daddy said...

Christopher exactly,
Oganisation is the death of the idea.

ksliberal said...

Tango Daddy you are among the first to properly label these people as terrorists. They have been terrorizing Kansas women since the early 1990's. I have marched against them, voted against them and organized against them. I have been poor and had to pass through their lines to get my birth control. They assume everyone that goes into Planned Parenthood is there for an abortion. But then abortion and birth control are the same thing for many of them; they believe using the pill is also murder. My sister-in-law was part of the counter-protest of Operation Rescue's so-called Summer of Mercy campaign against Dr. Tiller back in the '90's. She has told me how these people left their children shut up in hot cars while they marched against Dr. Tiller. She spoke with some who told her that women who died from complications of abortion were reaping what they sowed and it was God's justice. As Katha Pollitt said in her article in The Nation, the anti-choice side of this issue are the only extremists and they should be treated as such. Thanks for your article. The women of Kansas are reeling and so many are now without recourse. The fanatics finally achieved their objective after all these years...