Friday, June 5, 2009


Mr. Inhofe President Obama is on America’s side. That would be the side of decency, openness, common sense, diplomacy, truth. The restoration of America’s standing in the world and an outreach that extends from Europe to Asia and now the entire Arab world. You don’t understand that because you are a Republican and these truths are not self evident to those who still think George and Dick rule the word.

America is now moving forward. The past is past, the present is but a moment, the future is all there is. That future now holds promise for all Americans not just corporate friends and special interest groups of the Bush base. Not just the elite and richest one or two percent of the country. Those days are over. Yours and your party’s days are numbered as well unless the hate and vitriolic rhetoric are toned down. Your base did well during the Bush administration. It was the people your constituents that suffered.

Quit saying NO, quit trying to be significant with absurdity. Try common ground. Your party has left a great big hole in the ground financially and morally the country is not better off under the stewardship of the Republicans. The Republican day in the sun is over. Grow up move on and be a part of the solution for as it is you are the problem. Which side will you be on?


Annette said...

Beautiful words.. Thank you for saying them. These guys just keep making themselves sound more irrelevant every day don't they? It's a toss up as to which one will come up with the most ignorant thing to say next. I thought Pres. Obama's speech was so beautiful and stirring and touched so many people, and for these idiot republicans to try to make it something nasty like this is just stupid.

Thank you for cleansing my eyes and my soul. I needed good words after reading some of the filth from the right.

Tango daddy said...

Thank you Annette. It seems to me that the more absurd the statement the more face time before the camera.. you are right the Presidents speech in Cairo was not only brilliant but heartfelt and easily recognised as genuine by all who he was speaking to.