Friday, May 8, 2009


I never thought I would ever say the Republicans have this right. If this is their talking point if this is their message it parallels mine. I am a Canadian and with the single payer system we have in Canada that is the case. The system America has with insurance companies, accountants and lawyers do come in between Dr. and patient to rule on the fine print of those insurance policies.
With my single payer Canadian plan if my Dr. Wants tests I get tests, if he says in the Hospital now, I am in. The point I make is this, when it comes to health care the Dr.’s make the decisions not bureaucrats not lawyers or accountants.
Don’t let the Republicans frame the message of government coming between patient and Dr. It won’t happen. The very thing that is wrong with the health insurance industry is wrong now. The profit component is what puts cost out of reach of millions of Americans. The public option must not be denied. This is not business as usual but the unusual business of common sense and putting people before corporate interests.

There is very good post on this subject over at Daily Kos STAND THE F***.UP.
By buhdyharma who states much more elegantly than I, the position that needs to be taken in order to get this done, go read this post and follow his lead.

It is not up to the President to do this for you it is up to you to make him do it. The American people must become proactive, dissidents at committee meeting get a splash in the media and that helps, but to go after elected officials and make known the fact that their future re election depends on the moral imperative of health care for every American. Stay at it and settle for nothing less, this is the greatest opportunity you are ever going to get! 1


Annette said...

I agree.. I am not sure what they are doing on this.. it seems the Democrats can't control their message very well.. They let the GOP get a hold of these things and run with them and then its a disaster for everyone. If they are going to push something through this year, the democrats need to get back in control of the message quickly.

ksliberal said...

Republicans are attempting to scare people into thinking that somehow the government will legislate their health care choices away. However, they fail to state that our choices are few and far between under the current system. They are trying to pretend that we make our own decisions now. Doctors and nurses know better and are speaking up. Did you see the activists getting lead out of the Senatorial hearing the other day by police? (Video on my blog)
Democrats seem to be going along for the ride on this one. You are SO RIGHT in that the power is in the voice of the people and we must stand up and demand single-payer or be squelched and screwed again.