Tuesday, July 7, 2009


At last Fridays press announcement something that struck me was Sarah’s pronouncement of faith then family in her order of what is important. Much has already been made of just what in Gods name she is doing. Speculation ranges from impending criminal charges to tell all books by Levi Johnston and the parenthood of Trig.

It is now time for my take on what Sarah is doing .Sarah is a prayer warrior and part of the New Apostolic Reformation. This movement is attempting to overtake government, and increase membership by recruiting from the more orthodox forms of Christianity. To say the least this movement is on the fringe of absurdity. But that doesn’t stop it from growing. Prayer warriors take credit for expelling the witches among us, the death Mother Theresa, and removal of the blockage on mount Everest that kept Catholic and Muslim prayer from reaching heaven.

Last October Sarah was on James Dobson’s radio show where she thanked prayer warriors for their help. And now Dobson wants to step down from his Focus on the Family. Is Sarah going to step up to the plate? Will she try to bring together the ten million Christian voters into the circle of her political ambition? This certainly would be a higher calling.

Am I way out of line here or more importantly what do you think?


ZenYenta said...

Well, I was kind of thinking she was going to make a fortune out of her fame - with TV, paid speaking and God knows what else. I hadn't thought of anything like Focus on the Family. Anything's possible with Palin, of course.

ksliberal said...

Way to put the peices of the puzzle together. I wasn't thinking anything but that she would go on a whirlwind tour of the conservative lecture circuit and make some $$$bucks while trying to increase her crazy fanbase. But she has been linked to the Dominionist movement before. I fear those folks are linking with the guns and ammo crowd are are preparing for a coup. Good catch!

Tango daddy said...

Thanks KS guns and religion not the least bit unheard of.
And I believe you and ZenYenta are both right big bucks lecturing but at the same time drawing together that ten million base of Christians. Whether she runs for anything or not she will garner that support. Just look at what that disingenuous dry drunk born again was able to do and realize she has more appeal than george ever did
Time will tell!!

Annette said...

You may have found the right answer.. never really thought about it, but you might just have it. This would be a way to build up her base until she gets a good enough following to start her run for the White House, and to have a loud voice to get her voice out there. He has the network to broadcast all over the world really. At least all over North America..

Good Job of putting the pieces together.

Tango daddy said...

Thanks Annette I kind of hope I am wrong on this as this scenario scares the daylights out of me.
you should never underestimate the enemy and Sarah is the enemy of reason.
hope you are feeling better.

Bouncing Tigger said...

Bouncing Tigger says:

I agree with you! Sarah loves
Sarah!! While on the campaign
trail with John McCain, she tried
to rally her religious base. She
is going to continue working the
religious right. She will try to
become another "George Bush"...
only wearing a skirt!!