Wednesday, March 3, 2010


When President Eisenhower was leaving office he admonished the world to be aware of the rising power of the military Industrial Complex. He coined the phrase and defined the problem that killed the next President.
Since the assassination of JFK on 11/22/63 you have been kept in the dark and fed horseshit. This is the recipe for growing mushrooms, not so good for growing a real democracy. As voters and citizens it is not possible to make informed decisions made on false information. Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq are an example. You were given false information, and you know it. Republican or Democrat is both sides of the same coin. Both beholding to large money interests, and a need to control the power. An extraordinarily high percentage of people do not believe the findings of the Warren commission. These same people questioned the Vietnam War and asked for truth and got Gulf of Tonkin lie and Kent State massacre instead.
If as an individual you say 9/11 was an inside job, an immediate label of conspiracy theorist is given you and your opinion is discredited by the corporate media, while facts and truth are discounted and not reported. To say the least the 9/11 commission was flawed and incomplete, it was a cover up. The MIC and corporate interests are the only source of information you will get, and they do not represent truth. The much consolidated main stream corporate media can afford to loose millions of dollars giving you only information that profits them and other big business interests.
I recently saw Sandra Day O’Conner being interviewed where she stated that students are no longer being taught civics and history in high school. This is course curriculum necessary for going forward as a nation not something to be dropped. Something that should be dropped is the text book advancement of intelligent design. Six thousand year old planet created in six days give me a break
The dumbing down of America is happening on several fronts politically education and mainstream media. It is now accepted that politicians just spew out any pejorative they wish. Socialist fascist communist Marxist it doesn’t matter what label you give, nobody knows what you are talking about and everyone knows that in America these are bad things. Credibility is given to these political hatchet men every time a newspaper or TV reporter becomes a stenographer rather than a fact checker. Restore the fairness doctrine and restore honesty. And while you are restoring things restore school funding to a point where students are actually equipped to find a job. That upon graduation they have knowledge of civics, history, math and science. And should they wish to further their education low cost student loans be provided not by the private sector but by government where profit is not the motive.
Being kept in the dark and fed horseshit days are over. Election fever is again going to happen this fall will you be able to separate the truth from fiction? Can you see which side you bread is buttered on? Will you help to get out the vote and limit the corporate influence? America is up to you.


jammer5 said...

The problem is most people think horse shit tastes good. One only has to listen to the like of limbaugh, coulter, beck, palin, et al., to understand it.

Myself, I prefer a large dose of reality, followed by some fava beans and a nice Chianti :-)

ksliberal said...

Hello Tango Daddy--great post! You sure got that right about the mushrooms.

Unfortunately, we still have a large number of people who prefer the dark and the horseshit to thinking for themselves and having to actually DO SOMETHING. Then there are those that are afraid of any type of change. So, we have much work yet to do to convince them that reality bites you in the ass whether you acknowledge it or not.

Tango daddy said...

You kind of dropped of the radar KS I hope all is well. Now that Tango and I have got HCR passed we both want to go running and barking along some of the gold creeks in BC.It's still early in the season to go camping but if we don't do it now we won't get a chance Fire Season will start with our 24th of May holliday weekend and that means back to work for the summer
You and I have both slowed down on our postings,I know I need a change of pace as I see my writing as being angry and I really am not. I am always thrilled when you stop by thanks.