Sunday, September 26, 2010


The speech he made at the UN was fraught with some errors as to why and who. But part of it he got right. There had to have been some kind of domestic involvement in the pulling of those three buildings on that day. We all know they didn’t just fall down on their own from aircraft impact.
The whole 9/11 cover story is severally flawed and the Iranian President got it right when he said many people don’t believe it. Perhaps it is not diplomatic for these hateful thoughts to be espoused in such an august body as the UN. But at least from the President on down to PJ Crowley Assistant Secretary of State Ahmadinijead can be labeled totally outrageous. No need to sit around and listen to his shit. Well this isn’t holocaust denial this is arguably something even a Muslim extremist won’t take the blame for.
Too bad all these good folks walked out they may have learned something. And it’s too bad the American people can’t see for themselves the truth behind the lies fostered by the machine. And perpetuated by the media. Enough is enough time to start asking questions and demanding answers whose country is America anyway the peoples or the corporate conservative liars?


marain said...

Part of me fears that people who voice any opinion that 9/11 was perpetrated by others than those in the official conspiracy theory might be branded as terrorist sympathizers or anti-Americans because of seeming to be in agreement with A's accusations. He is so despised and much of what he has said is utter rubbish, so it is unfortunate that it was him who made such a widely-publicized accusation, although possibly it is good that such ideas get more media attention. Where there is smoke there is fire - where there is three times the free-fall of buildings into their own footprints, one of which said buildings was not hit by a plane or debris, there is controlled demolition. This required more than airplanes crashing into the buildings. Hopefully someday the truth will come out.

Thank you for writing about this, Tango Daddy!

Tango daddy said...

The evidence of domestic involvement is great. The most annoying aspect of the whole affair is that as a result the entire Muslim people are being villified.
When the futre of American foreign policy is predicated on a lie and cover up it starts to get scarry T

opit said...

First stop YouTube. Actually play that hateful sounding Holocaust clip featuring Peter Jennings as the 'interviewer' of Ahmadinejad. Pay attention to what Jennings says first. Then go back and listen to what Ahmadinejad says. WTF ? There is no correlation.
Ahmadinejad is a 'Designated Idiot' made fun of as a symbolic head of Iran.
Yep. Iranians think we're nuts not to understand who is running their country.The BBC kindly provided an outline of that even as they started pushing NATO's 'Green Revolution' down Iranian throats to reinstate a previous leader - who was in on attacks on American embassies while in charge! Yep, I mean Mousavi.
So saying what A comes out with is total rubbish is to miss the point : what he is 'reported' to have come out with is.
And his saying Israel dishonours the warnings of the Holocaust by using persecution of Jews to win sympathy for the Zionist State as European Jews take over the homeland of Palestinians and perpetrate a holocaust against them is all the reason that is needed for desperate defamation of Ahmadinejad.
That and the usual intricacies of the Great Game. See Afghanistan,etc. Dec 20 2009 for more on that.
I'm sure I posted a copy of the speech from a Tehran news agency somewhere. Oh...what the media forgot to mention about his UN speech. Many more countries stayed than left - and gave him a rousing congratulation and appreciation of it.