Monday, September 27, 2010


The 2010 mid term elections are not rocket science. But are of major importance The George W Bush and failed and flawed Republican policys have made you unemployed. That is the fact. If you make fewer than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year and vote republican you have just cut your own throat. Forever you will regret the x in that column
Republicans have repeatedly shown that their base is the top 2% of the richest people in the country, and they will continue to do so. Their funding all is coming from corporate donations and corporations control the message through the media. You can have more of these policys and poverty if you actually believe this spewed verbiage and vote for a tea party or republican candidate.
Like Humpty Dumpty the Democratic party candidates are the only ones who do care about putting the country back together again. The policys implemented by the Obama administration are all sound, and working, all of these polcys and programs have been compromised and down graded by Republican obstruction, while by- partisan politics was being attempted. They could all have been better. If the republicans had actually cared about you the people . America will be better after the Nov 2 election if you vote Democrat. Do you realy believe the health care reforms need to be repealed? No, then vote for the Democratic candidate. Do tou really believe the millionaires making more than two hundred and fifty thosand dollars a year cannot afford to pay an extra 3% on their tax burden. Then vote for the Democratic candidate.
If you care about your country and your future I implore you now to show that care by going out and voting, you don’t even need to know the candidates name just look for D beside all names and mark yor X.
Under 250,000 =Democrat =X
Over 250,000 =Vote you conscience
And don’t be greedy bastards, help American regain it’s middle class.
Not Rocket Science Just Common Sense, 97% of the American people are suffering big time, You are not. and will not.You do not need to win by burying the middle class and poor among us.


marain said...

Good to see you back, Tango Daddy! Nice post! I want to send it to my Republican daughter, but I am not hopeful that it would change her. For her, it's the abortion issue that keeps her voting Republican. Somehow she can reconcile her stance on that issue with supporting the war in Iraq. It does not compute in my brain.

I haven't posted anything for ages, and it might be ages before I do again. I feel disenchanted with politics - frustrated that the Republicants try to thwart every effort to improve the country. I hope the Dems can stay in power for awhile. I hope people hear what you have to say!

All the best to you!

Tango daddy said...

Thanks for the kind words Marain. I as well have been away from the keyboard for some time. And like you I have become quite disenchanted with the President constantly looking forward and not at what so many of us thought was important.
If you don't want to write about politics I am sure we could all use a new recipe or two. Stay well T

ksliberal said...

Tango Daddy,

So sorry to hear about Tango. I know his loss must have been so painful to you. There will never be another Tango, but you have your memories and the love never dies. Newtan is an adorable beauty! Wishing you many years of happiness and comraderie!

You are right that regardless of how unhappy we all are with the system right now, it would be like playing russian roulette to give Republicants the majority again. Their policies will finish off the middle class and with it will go opportunity, hope and much of what has made this country great.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!